About Marla C. Somerville, Owner

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Owner/Manager, Marla C. Somerville has a rich history in the care and services of the senior population.  Marla began volunteering in nursing facilities over 30 years ago, which eventually led her to opening her own assisted living care home, Desert Steppes Adult Care, in 2005.

In addition to being an Arizona licensed Assisted Living Manager, Marla has a Master's Degree in Health Service Administration, specializing in the area of Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease.  Marla has maintained her active Nursing Home Administrator License.

Marla has lectured nationally on the issues of Dementia Care, and developed and implemented a 15 hour training course on Dementia.   Marla was previously the Operations Manager of an 112 bed assisted living facility, employing over 50 employees for seven years.  In addition, Marla worked as Director of an inpatient dementia unit for four years in Green Valley, Arizona.

At present, Marla is entirely involved on a daily basis in the daily operation of Desert Steppes Adult Care Home, and oversees all aspects of residents' care. Marla ensures that all caregivers in the homes are kept current on training relevant to the residents, and in yearly required education.

Marla's slogan, "Exceptional Care for Seniors" is heartfelt and genuine.  You, or your loved one, will feel comfortable and secure at Desert Steppes Adult Care.